What You Need to Know About Realtor Fairfax VA

When selling a house, it’s important to work with an agent who is properly credentialed. In Fairfax, VA, the Del Aria Team is the top-rated realtor in the area. Not only will they bring qualified buyers to your home, but they’ll give you valuable advice about navigating the process. A successful buyer-real estate agent relationship is built on trust, loyalty, and communication.

Flat-fee MLS firms can help you sell your house

Listed on the MLS can increase your exposure to prospective buyers, but this doesn’t mean you can sell your house for free. Some flat-fee MLS firms charge hidden fees, such as closing and administrative charges, that can add up to thousands of dollars. As a consumer, it’s important to read the fine print of any service to make sure you won’t end up paying a fortune in hidden costs.

There are several different types of flat-fee MLS firms. Some are national and have many different levels of service. The basic package can cost $300-400, while the premium service can cost up to $1,400. Some of the smaller, local firms will list your home for as little as 1%. The flat-fee MLS firms that are more local often offer customized service packages and area expertise. When choosing a flat-fee firm to list your house on the MLS in New York, it’s vital to read the fine print.

They charge lower commissions

The average real estate agent charges a 6% commission on a home sale. This amount is equivalent to $30k in commissions. Using a discount Fairfax VA realtor may be the way to go if you want to sell your house for less money. Discount real estate agents may work for a flat fee or lower commission rate, but the services they provide may be of lower quality. Using an FSBO agent is an alternative, but you will probably end up selling your home for less than you would with a Realtor.

The process of selling a home takes a lot of time and money. It is important to find a firm that specializes in selling houses quickly. This will save you time and money, and it will allow you to sell your home in a matter of days instead of years. It will also keep you from having to pay fees to a real estate agent. With this method, you can sell your home for less money and get rid of an unwanted home without spending a lot of time.

They can provide cash for your home

You can find out if your house is worth selling for cash through ATTOM Data Solutions, Opendoor, or Del Aria Real Estate. Getting pre-approved will ensure that you’re eligible to purchase a home, save you time and heartache, and save you money. In fact, a recent study found that cash sales accounted for over 25% of all home sales nationwide in 2018. This is far higher than the pre-recession average of 19%.

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